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The long ride that wasnt

The long ride that wasnt

Today me and Ben headed down to the cotswold for the evans cotswold sportive, we were meant to be taking on the 88 mile long route. The weather forecast didn’t look good and was predicted to rain in the afternoon which would have been ok as it would be near the time we were finishing off so wouldn’t have had a massive effect on us.

But as we all know the weather can be a fickle thing, it ended up raining within the first hour of being out and it absolutely pored down, I honestly think I was wetter on this ride than when i did my triathlon.

The main aim for this sportive was to get some more climbing miles in ready for the velothon in September. We were planning to hit the two feed stations on the route and just take it easy and get the miles in. We quickly changed our mind based on the downpour and the conditions and decided we would just take on the medium route of 58miles and the one feed station.

The start of the event went off well and we went out with a group of 20 or so people and quickly found a good rhythm each taking turns on the front. When the rain hit it Ben spent more time on the front due to having mudguards on the rear making the spray less of a hassle.

After we had decided to tackle the medium route instead, we countered the shorter route by adding more speed this would allow us to get out of the rain quicker and of course still make it feel like a worth while ride.

The event was well signposted and the feed station had plenty of selection from chocolate cake to nachos and banana’s. The feed station couldn’t come soon enough in all honesty, I was finding it difficult in the rain as i’m just not a great fan of that kind of conditions I tend to be a little bit more apprehensive due to not knowing the roads, riders and drivers.

We managed to get around in a time of 3hr 31min for the 58 miles. Cold, wet and tired we pulled through the finish line and grabbed a hot coffee and proceeded to clean the bikes before leaving (I knew those wet wipes would come in handy). The rain had stopped when we finished so we didn’t get any wetter during “operation cleanup”. Both bikes were filthy and it was a really good idea to give them a little clean up before heading off.

Overall I was happy with the day even though we took on the shorter route we went through it in a quicker time than we were originally aiming for, add to this I was on my aero bike as I wanted to get a bit more mileage on it and see how it copes over longer rides (brilliantly by the way).

This ride wasn’t about power and the usual stats i’m interested in when I race this was just about getting mileage in and prepping myself ready for the 100mile Velothon in September.

I even managed to get back in time to watch the final stage of the tour de France so win win all round.